Where are Renew™ products made?
Down under of course! Originally developed by a team of industry experts. We are 100% American owned, manufactured and packaged in America.

Is Renew™ safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Our haircare wash off products contain naturally derived (many certified Organic) essential oils and ingredients. While we believe our products are absolutely safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we recommend to consult your medical health professional and refer them to our listed ingredients which can be found on our website to alleviate any concerns.

The Renew Hair Growth Support - Multivitamin are not legally required to have a pregnancy warning disclaimer, however, always consult your doctor or medical healthcare when consuming any supplements. Please note that if you are currently taking any pregnancy vitamins, it is important that you do not exceed the recommended dosage levels of vitamins without consulting your healthcare professional first.

Are your products cruelty-free?
Yes, we love animals as much as you do and therefore we would never test our products on any animals!


Can I use on eyelash extensions?
Due to the high content of oils in our lash serum, our Renew™ Lash & Brow Serum should not be used on lash extensions as it will make your lash extensions slip out faster.

Can I use on my brows?
Yes absolutely! Our unique formulation is suitable for brows!

How do I apply?
When applying for the first time, apply each morning from root to the tip. Wipe clean any excess oil. If you prefer to use at night, only apply a thin layer, and please be careful to not allow any excess oil into your eyes.


Is my credit card secure?
Yes! We use a leading encryption service to process your payment, your credit card information is hidden from us.

What payments do you accept?
We accept payments from Paypal and all major credit card providers, such as Amex, MasterCard, Visa.

Do you offer returns and refunds?
Yes! We confidently back our products, therefore if you are not completely satisfied with your product, we will issue you a refund. Email the team at theglamourfactory20@gmail.com and we will happily send you the return instructions.


Do I have to use a subscription service to buy your products?
No! Our subscription service is optional and you can still buy our products without our monthly subscription.

How can I add or change products to my current subscription?
Simply email: theglamourfactory20@gmail.com and one of our subscription specialists will update this for you.

How do I cancel my account?
You can pause, skip or cancel your subscription via your account or by emailing our subscription specialist team at theglamourfactory20@gmail.com