The death of brick and mortar photography equipment stores

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Tampa Photography Stores – What Happened to the Originals?


Tampa, FL  is home to North Tampa Photography, This store has been a staple in the Bay area for many years.  Like many others; nowadays most of my photo equipment purchases are done online, but every so often when time isn’t on my side I will stop in the store to pick up a critical piece of equipment required yes immediately for a shoot.  I often cringe seeing the price tag, knowing full well in most cases purchasing online would save me 30-60% off retail.

Volume equals low price and sadly like so many other stores competing with the internet  its damn near if not impossible to be competitive.  Overhead is too high to compete with bigger on and offline entities like B&H Photo or Adarama, but in a pinch can these guys save you?  Probably.  So I will continue to pay a bit of a premium for convenience. I hope there is enough of me’s out there to support your local photo stores.

If you care to visit North Tampa Photography please do so by clicking here North Tampa Photography





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