What if I don’t like my portraits?

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The Glamour Factory is not happy unless you are happy! We will gladly re-take your portraits without a studio fee or with make-up and hair stylish for a nominal fee after the shoot (subject to scheduling availability) for one time only. We do not provide refunds. If you are dissatisfied with your photos, for a reason we had control over, and you wish to re-shoot, you must express this to us directly and clearly after reviewing your pictures at our studio. In the case of one-time events & occasions, where re-shoots are not possible, clients will receive credit for the money paid. The satisfaction guarantee applies to paying clients only. Leaving the Studio with the High res CD of your images constitutes the acceptance of the terms and conditions, and your complete satisfaction with the job done and avoid any right to make a claim.  The satisfaction guarantee applies to photography only. It does not apply to work provided by make-up artists, stylists, or designers. Although we will do our best to counteract any of the effects of the following, we are not responsible for: bad hair days, breakouts, stretch marks, bad skin, allergies, irritated eyes, illnesses, fatigue, hangovers, make-up application, non-proper weather, lint, wardrobe malfunctions or defects (including wrinkles, rips, and, stains), or sweat, static electricity, the effects of (or withdrawal from) drugs or medication, or matters beyond our control (i.e. acts of god). Of course the prints are considered a custom product which cannot be re-sold. Due to the nature of our product, all sales are final. Leaving the Studio with the CD means that Client are satisfied with the job and avoid any future claims or demands.

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