Position: Photographic Assistant

Location: Florida or Pittsburg

There’s a crack in that metaphorical door right now to get one foot into the world of glamour photography. Are you studying photography or visual arts, or even have an extreme desire to become a professional photographer? Here is an opportunity to experience work in a professional team and get some meat on the bones of your resume and build up your portfolio. Although this is an unpaid position the candidate needs to maintain a professional and respectful demeanor toward clients and colleagues and approach the role with a high level of maturity.

About you:
You will pass clearance for any background checks which are required by The Glamour Factory to assure it’s clients of a safe and harmonious environment.
You are open-minded, well informed and enjoy communication with your colleagues.

About Us:
We are one of the fastest growing full production studios in the country.
We encourage a nurturing and fun workplace, but pride ourselves on professionalism and work hard at creating a relaxed studio environment.
We won’t pay you for this position in money but instead with knowledge, support and a great experience.

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