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Do I need to have my hair and make up done at your studio for the shoot?

Our make up artists are amazing. Not only are they true professionals within their fields but they have a strong sense of what the photo shoot is going to entail, the desires of the photographer, the sets and backdrops and all the different components and possibilities offered at The Glamour Factory. So while it may not be necessary to have your hair and make up done here, another make up artist may not be able to capture the essence and intention of the shoot. If one small component of the shoot is askew it may lead to an unsatisfactory result.

The second point is … enjoy the journey. Once you walk through those doors you are in a safe environment where you are able to leave other elements of your life behind. The process from hair and makeup until the end of the shoot is passage to be relished. It’s a treat, a pampering session and a celebration of you.

Make up and Hair stylist I highly recommend and worked with:

Corine Potter: Instagram Corine_MUA Twitter Muacorine 727-793-5839 Facebook Corine Cosmetics & Artistry


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